Did you know that any day that passes sees the usage of no less than 86400 seconds of our lives? As I知 sure you値l agree thats heck of a lot of time available to us to spend promoting e-lottery.

Of course we don稚 always get to utilise every second of the day for some are used up in sleeping, some eating and some in arguing with the wife/husband, but those distractions apart just imagine how much we could achieve if every one was jam-packed full with wealth-creating power.

What could we become if we were able to capitalise on each and every precious second of time and maximise its massive hidden potential?

Now then consider this. Imagine if you were able to compound the number of seconds available to use – to double, quadruple or even increase by ten fold the amount of time available to build your e-lottery business!

How wild would that be?

Well, of course, thats what the e-lottery system allows us to do. Every affiliate that we sign up to the business multiplies the time that we effectively have available to us to build our downlines. This is the real power of the networking principle for as individuals we can greatly expand our sphere of influence through the efforts of others. Their time is in essence our time, and as any good marketeer knows, re-investing some of those precious 86400 seconds back into the team or downline is like putting money in the bank ready to accure interest in the coming months and years.

So then how do you maximise the latent power in those seconds? The answer to this question gives rise to a secret that I have been successfully using in all my business activities for many years. I do not pass it on lightly so keep it under your hat and you値l steal an advantage on your competitors.

The Secret of the Ages

The greatest secret known to man is that we create our own worlds through the power of our own thoughts. Undoubtedly you will be aware of the works of such writers as Naploeon Hill and W. Clement Stone who were advocates of the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) principle. They demonstrated that the power of the mind has amazing capabilities to transform our lives.

However what they failed to reveal is that our daily lives are created as the result of just 30 very significant seconds OF THE PREVIOUS DAY! Thats right! In the main, our daily quota of 86400 seconds and how we experience them has already been established some time earlier.

Thats right! Just 30 of those 86400 seconds will determine the way the whole of the next day of our lives will pan out! Not just any thirty seconds mind but those that we experience just prior to falling asleep at night.

Why those 30 seconds in particular I hear you ask? Well, that brief time span is the period during which we have a clear and unfiltered contact with our sub-conscious. It is like an open line of communication to the real power house of our psyches for it is this inner power centre that takes hold of our final

thoughts of the day, works on them whilst we are asleep and as a result determines the kind of day that we emerge into.

Use those seconds wisely for the thoughts that we carry into sleep are like seeds that can sprout either a garden of weeds or a magnificent vista of beauty and wonder.

About the Author

William Goldhill is the rather eccentric webmaster of Gambling Systems (UK). To find out quite how unhinged he is pick up a copy of his worst-selling free ebook 禅he Great Wheel ?and How to Get off it?from the ebooks section of his website http://www.gambling-systems-uk.com/