Step One – The Basics – Get to know your VWD Website

Visit VWD E-Lottery

Your website is your 24/7 Business Partner which offers you a gold mine of information and support and all for just £4.99! As with any business venture you would need to get to know your partner and understand the market and its potential, and e-lottery is no different. As you move through the site you will find help along the way in the form of this icon: simply click on the icon and a help page will appear to help you navigate the page and in some cases you will also be able to access a short movie to further support your navigation.

  1. Personalise your website

Your first job is to prepare your Business partner by personalising your website *

Log into your website using the address and password provided in your welcome letter. Go to My Details and follow these instruction to change your web address (URL) to a more memorable address



Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do it:

Go to your website and Login.

Once you are inside, click on Member Details

Scroll Down to Guest Page Settings

Click on the blue link that says Change Guest Login

You will see *My Guest Login Is:

Below that you will see a white box with your ID number in it

Delete the number and enter, your choice of name

Click on Submit and it will be done

Log out and type your NEW chosen address into your browser and your site will appear.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your original link using your membership number will continue to work. However, should you successfully change your link and subsequently change it again the previous link WILL NO LONGER WORK. Therefore, any advertising or emails that have been sent WILL NO LONGER POINT TO YOUR WEBSITE. To be on the safe side, only change it once.

* NOTE when the training movie is available we can remove the instructions above and replace with the following text: *and then watch the first of many movies that you will find on your site. This movie will explain how you can change your web address and password, personalise your welcome message, change Credit Card details, and much more.)

  1. The Movies – watch the 2 movies again so you understand the content, as you will want to use these to help promote your business.

E-Lottery Affiliate Movie

Player Movie

When you direct people to your website they will be able to watch these movies, or if you prefer you can attach a direct link to the movies in a personal email. To do this go to the tools section and scroll down until you find the link for the movies. Simply copy the link and paste it into an email.

  1. Understand the Syndicate advantage system. To help you fully understand how the E lottery advantage works go back to your guest page and click The Advantage tab. There you will find a full explanation of both lotteries with a dynamic demonstration on the multi win system. To see the UK Lotto demonstration click here and to see the Euro Millions demonstration click here