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Many affiliates will find the prospect of trying to develop their e-lottery business online a daunting prospect. This is understandable for whilst the web offers infinite possibilities to develop a downline the challenge is to know just where or how to start.

Now, I’m not here to tell you how to go about it – there are much better articles within this blog on the subject. Instead I want to show you a very effective form of marketing offline that will bring you quick results. All you need is access to the internet and a little imagination.

Your DVD as a Promotion Tool

Among the various promotional items that you find in your e-lottery affiliate site is a promotional DVD. This is available to buy direct from VWD. The link is found under the Marketing Shop banner once you log into your affiliate site.

The DVD itself consists of a number of short promotional vidoes that can easily convert interested prospects. They present the e-lottery opportunities both as a potential player and affiliate.

You obviously will want to try and get a copy of the DVD out to as many clients as possible. To achieve this you could place a number of small adverts in various locations. Typically these could include supermarkets classified ads boards, newsagents shop windows, local newspapers etc. The possibilities are endless!

The adverts themselves could simply state that you are offering a business opportunity. There may be instances where you do not want to reveal the real nature of the e-lottery business straight away. I always follow this prinicple when marketing offline for it avoids any prejudices that prospects might initially have towards the nature of the business. I simply recommend that you get the DVD into a prospects hands and let the videos do the marketing for you!

Covering Your Tracks

Now to the nitty gritty of this article. Lets imagine that you now have your affiliate program from e-lottery, some e-lottery DVDs and are ready to start promoting your business.