Here’s the way to set up an automated request system that leaves you free to get on with other aspects of your business.

1) Create an Account at Bravenet

First of all pop along to a website called Bravenet at and sign up for a new free account. As you will see they offer a whole load of powerful free tools which you can use for a number of different marketing strategies.

2) Create a Web Form

Once you have created your Bravenet website go to the Easy Form Builder option. An example of this tool can be found at Here you can build a form that allows a visitor to request a promotional DVD from you by inputting their personal details such as their postal address directly into your Bravenet website. These will then be sent to you in an email.

As soon as you recieve a request for a DVD simply whip one off to them with a small covering letter explaining what a terrific business this is and how they can get involved. Don’t make it too long for once again we are looking to the DVD itself to do the converting.

Now to your offline promotion. All you have to do is to create small ads which include your Bravenet web address. (TIP: If you find it too long then use a TinyURL to truncate or hide it at ) Your prospects will then go to your Bravenet Form where they can order further information about the busines.

This method of marketing has many advantages but really comes into its own if you happen to be an affiliate that is uncomfortable with the idea of speaking directly to new prospects on the telephone.

And finally

Bravenet offers a whole world of marketing opportunities on the cheap. One of the most powerful ones is the Traffic Exchange option where you can actually get your webpage shown to other surfers for free. Simply add some e-lottery promotion copy that is available elsewhere in this blog and hey presto you have your own click generating machine.

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