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It costs just £4.99 to become an affiliate. You can choose to play in the National Lotto, Euromillions or both. To play in the National Lotto or Euromillions costs just £5 per week each. It is possible to get started for as little as £9.99 and this includes a 14-day , no quibble money back guarantee.

For this you get all the tools to build a global business from anywhere in the world right from the comfort of your own home. These include a stunning, state of the art, personalised web site complete with back office, genealogy, prospector, promotional tools, teleconferences, conferences, web casts. To get some idea of the features visit VWD

You also benefit from extensive support from both the company and a highly successful and experienced team of networkers. And, not to forget, of course – membership of syndicates that significantly improve your chances of winning on the lottery plus extra free syndicates when you introduce 15, 30, 45 players.

By playing as part of a syndicate, players dramatically increase their chances of winning the UK Lotto by 702% and 3600% in Euromillions. Lottery tickets are bought by millions of people every day – but VWD are able to offer it better, cheaper or even for free!

Once you have introduced five players / affiliates you are ‘playing for free’. After that anyone introduced begins to earn you a residual income. You earn 20% on each member you introduce and 5% on the membership that each of the people you introduce add.

VWD offers simple and effective tools to introduce new players. Using powerful incentives such as ‘Grab a Grand’ VWD provides affiliates with tools to use the power of viral marketing to introduce the opportunity to others

After the weather and football, the lottery has to be one of the most talked about subjects in the UK!!

How many people do you know who play the lottery? How many of those people do you think would like to play for free?

I, like many others, dislike the idea of ’selling’. With VWD it’s possible to build a business by simply asking people – friends, family, work collaegues etc if they would like to enter a free competition to win up to £1000 or the chance to win a Mercedes CLK. If they enter they are automatically added to the web sites prospector and the company send out 7 professionaly written emails to the person. Affiliates simply give details of their website to interested parties or hand them a DVD and let the movies do the selling.

When I was introduced to elottery I was already involved in another network marketing company. I was not interested at first as I wanted to remain focused on the network marketing business I was in. However, I decided to join mainly because I was already spending £8 per week playing the lottery. I have been doing that since it began and have won very little. I liked the idea of increasing my chances of winning and playing in the Euromillions too! I soon introduced 5 people and was playing for free. That’s all I intended to do and concentrated on my other venture.

However, in the meantime – those original people I introduced began to introduce others and so my business and income started to grow by itself. I could then see the potential and decided to give VWD and the E-Lottery the attention it deserved.I am now growing a successful business, enjoying the fun of receiving regular wins from the syndicates I play and receiving a growing monthly cheque!!

That £4.99 is just the best £4.99 I have ever spent!


1) no product / money to handle / stock to hold

2) no targets to meet!

3) an in demand product that people already buy

4) a global market

5) a first class, professional company providing excellent support, training and materials

6) all the tools you need to promote your business

7) superb upline support from highly successful and experienced networkers

8) other products being added to the portfolio to increase revenue

In my experience VWD has all the factors necessary for success in network marketing. However, like any other opportunity – you do you have to ‘make it work’ to make it work for you.

Whether you just want to increase your chances of winning on the lottery, playing the UK Lotto and Euromillions for free or earning a residual income (as small as large as you like) VWD has something for you. It’s a super, simple fun business opportunity

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