Here are a few elottery affiliate stories.

I joined VWD through a mutual friend 18 months ago. He kept saying to me “Want to join my lottery syndicate, i play for free” I kept asking how it was done and me being as skeptical as i am didnt believe a word of it, until i watched the affiliate movie on the website. What i saw was a way of ordinary people like you and me were making extra incomes for there family each month. I was in the process of buying a new house at the time with my finacee expecting our first child so i though i’ll give it a go if it doesn’t work i haven’t lost anything. I started off and it took me a while to get my first member. I used to hand leaflets out from the company, put cards on cars, cards in shop windows.

18 months on my last cheque i received was for £538.75 WOW if it is this month in 18 months how much is it going to be in another 18 months £1066? This truly is an amazing business and one that has changed my family’s life around. Our monthly cheque pays the mortgage, how many company’s do you know pay your mortgage for you and all for simply asking someone “Would you like to join my lottery syndicate?

I am so glad i joined, 2 years from now i expect my monthly commission to over take my full time income. I work the e lottery for about 4 hours per week thats all, i go to work to make a living, i work my e lottery business to earn my fortune – Join today and watch your life change for the better

VWD E-Lottery Review No.2

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I currently own my own retail business (which needed a large investment to start), I have also been duped into what I thought were very good business opportunities (which needed quite a large investment- all of which failed due to me being conned.

When I was introduced to the E-Lottery, I was very skeptical to say the least – due to my previously bad experiences.

I spent 2 months researching, to see if there were any cons attached to it. I came away blank. I decided to sign up, and was astounded at how little it was to sign up. £5 to play the UK Lottery (wednesday & saturday) with 44 chances both days, and/ or £5 to play the Euromillions (friday) with 36 chances. I was paying £10/ week on the UK Lottery anyway, so I decided to sign up for both.I then looked at the affiliate program, and could not believe it only cost £4.99/ year to sign up other people, of which I receive 20% commission (£1.00) per person I sign up. 5 and I am playing the UK Lottery for free, 10 and I am playing Euromillions for free too. After this it becomes a residual income, which can accelerate in growth with little work. Winning the lottery then becomes a bonus (although a helpful bonus).

Anyone with a business mind should take a look.