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Betting Virtuoso

From: Larry Donovan

CEO – Betting Virtuoso

One quick question:

Are you making money? I mean real money.

The kind of money those “select few” punters seem to make every single day.

Click Here for Betting Virtuoso

Or does your money-making method involve jumping from opportunity to opportunity and hoping for a few dollars?

My name is Larry Donovan. And I make a nice living from the comfort of my home betting.

A few years ago, I used to work for one of the largest bookies – as a senior analyst.

But then I quitted.


Because I can’t stand working 8 hours a day, putting all my efforts, sweat, and blood just to make other people rich.

And that’s why I’ve invested so much time into creating my own betting systems… and let it make money for me.

It worked out.

I call it “Betting Virtuoso”

…which I believe are the only Betting systems that work, period.

Each and ever month — it puts thousands of dollars in my pockets… consistently.

And all I do to make this incredible amount of profits is spend a few minutes each day… checking emails, doing some simple planning, placing some easy bets, and tada, watching nice profits rolling into your bank account…

Is This Some Kind Of Get-Rich-Quick Scheme?

I’m not talking about those get-rich-quick schemes that grossly mislead people with promises of millions of dollars overnight.

I’m talking about a time-tested proven money-getting system.

With this systems you can make all the cash yourself by betting with your own money. You take total control over what happens.

And I think this is the fastest way to financial independence.

Now – Get The Facts…

More than 90% of punters lose money. Because they think betting is merely a game of luck. That’s exactly where the problem is.

The truth is – to consistently generate profits… and fatten your bank account –you need a tested, proven profitable system that requires no guesswork.

Because this kind of system requires almost no judgment from you — it removes all human errors.

I must admit – what I created is unlike anything else available on the market today.

It’s different because it works… day-in-and-day-out.

Why would you pay hundreds of dollars for tipping services that brings no profits. You can easily generate your own profitable bets with Betting Virtuoso.

Why would you spend thousands on highly promising products that never deliver… while you can just let our system brings you profits?

Why would you waste your time spending hours staring at forums and systems that make no sense to you… while you can use our systems to make the right bets within minutes?

Our proprietary Betting Virtuoso will solve all these problems… and puts cash in your pocket… every single day.

It can be used by professional punters and beginners. Not an ounce of experience required.

You don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars in your bank account to get started. You can begin with as little as $50-$100 — or even paper trade it to practice without risking any money at all.

It was developed by an experienced pro-punter, and a group of senior mathematicians

It works with any Betting bookmaker, and almost any kinds of sports

Powerful & profitable systems that can bring you thousands of dollars each day…

It can be applied to each and every kind of sports… and any betting bookie.

It’s consistent. And it’s reliable.

Click Here for Betting Virtuoso

It can be thoroughly tested and practiced without having to risk any of your real money.

Can be used anywhere, anytime because the Online Bookies are always open.

Surprisingly simple. It only takes at most 15 minutes for the average punters to understand and apply.

FREE life-time updates. We always try to tweak & optimize the system for maximum results.

And the best part is that our system is so easy-to-use, even a 10-year-old child would have no problem.

You see the qualified selection you make the bet.

And win money into your pocket.

All you need to do to make money with Betting Virtuoso is:

Place your bets… and rake in the cash.

Elottery Testimonials

Here are a few elottery affiliate stories.

I joined VWD through a mutual friend 18 months ago. He kept saying to me “Want to join my lottery syndicate, i play for free” I kept asking how it was done and me being as skeptical as i am didnt believe a word of it, until i watched the affiliate movie on the website. What i saw was a way of ordinary people like you and me were making extra incomes for there family each month. I was in the process of buying a new house at the time with my finacee expecting our first child so i though i’ll give it a go if it doesn’t work i haven’t lost anything. I started off and it took me a while to get my first member. I used to hand leaflets out from the company, put cards on cars, cards in shop windows.

18 months on my last cheque i received was for £538.75 WOW if it is this month in 18 months how much is it going to be in another 18 months £1066? This truly is an amazing business and one that has changed my family’s life around. Our monthly cheque pays the mortgage, how many company’s do you know pay your mortgage for you and all for simply asking someone “Would you like to join my lottery syndicate?

I am so glad i joined, 2 years from now i expect my monthly commission to over take my full time income. I work the e lottery for about 4 hours per week thats all, i go to work to make a living, i work my e lottery business to earn my fortune – Join today and watch your life change for the better

VWD E-Lottery Review No.2

Read this Elottery Review – Visit VWD

I currently own my own retail business (which needed a large investment to start), I have also been duped into what I thought were very good business opportunities (which needed quite a large investment- all of which failed due to me being conned.

When I was introduced to the E-Lottery, I was very skeptical to say the least – due to my previously bad experiences.

I spent 2 months researching, to see if there were any cons attached to it. I came away blank. I decided to sign up, and was astounded at how little it was to sign up. £5 to play the UK Lottery (wednesday & saturday) with 44 chances both days, and/ or £5 to play the Euromillions (friday) with 36 chances. I was paying £10/ week on the UK Lottery anyway, so I decided to sign up for both.I then looked at the affiliate program, and could not believe it only cost £4.99/ year to sign up other people, of which I receive 20% commission (£1.00) per person I sign up. 5 and I am playing the UK Lottery for free, 10 and I am playing Euromillions for free too. After this it becomes a residual income, which can accelerate in growth with little work. Winning the lottery then becomes a bonus (although a helpful bonus).

Anyone with a business mind should take a look.

The Secret Strategy to Building Your e-lottery Business That Takes Just 30 Seconds of Your Day!

Did you know that any day that passes sees the usage of no less than 86400 seconds of our lives? As I知 sure you値l agree thats heck of a lot of time available to us to spend promoting e-lottery.

Of course we don稚 always get to utilise every second of the day for some are used up in sleeping, some eating and some in arguing with the wife/husband, but those distractions apart just imagine how much we could achieve if every one was jam-packed full with wealth-creating power.

What could we become if we were able to capitalise on each and every precious second of time and maximise its massive hidden potential?

Now then consider this. Imagine if you were able to compound the number of seconds available to use – to double, quadruple or even increase by ten fold the amount of time available to build your e-lottery business!

How wild would that be?

Well, of course, thats what the e-lottery system allows us to do. Every affiliate that we sign up to the business multiplies the time that we effectively have available to us to build our downlines. This is the real power of the networking principle for as individuals we can greatly expand our sphere of influence through the efforts of others. Their time is in essence our time, and as any good marketeer knows, re-investing some of those precious 86400 seconds back into the team or downline is like putting money in the bank ready to accure interest in the coming months and years.

So then how do you maximise the latent power in those seconds? The answer to this question gives rise to a secret that I have been successfully using in all my business activities for many years. I do not pass it on lightly so keep it under your hat and you値l steal an advantage on your competitors.

The Secret of the Ages

The greatest secret known to man is that we create our own worlds through the power of our own thoughts. Undoubtedly you will be aware of the works of such writers as Naploeon Hill and W. Clement Stone who were advocates of the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) principle. They demonstrated that the power of the mind has amazing capabilities to transform our lives.

However what they failed to reveal is that our daily lives are created as the result of just 30 very significant seconds OF THE PREVIOUS DAY! Thats right! In the main, our daily quota of 86400 seconds and how we experience them has already been established some time earlier.

Thats right! Just 30 of those 86400 seconds will determine the way the whole of the next day of our lives will pan out! Not just any thirty seconds mind but those that we experience just prior to falling asleep at night.

Why those 30 seconds in particular I hear you ask? Well, that brief time span is the period during which we have a clear and unfiltered contact with our sub-conscious. It is like an open line of communication to the real power house of our psyches for it is this inner power centre that takes hold of our final

thoughts of the day, works on them whilst we are asleep and as a result determines the kind of day that we emerge into.

Use those seconds wisely for the thoughts that we carry into sleep are like seeds that can sprout either a garden of weeds or a magnificent vista of beauty and wonder.

About the Author

William Goldhill is the rather eccentric webmaster of Gambling Systems (UK). To find out quite how unhinged he is pick up a copy of his worst-selling free ebook 禅he Great Wheel ?and How to Get off it?from the ebooks section of his website

Promoting e-lottery pt 2

Here’s the way to set up an automated request system that leaves you free to get on with other aspects of your business.

1) Create an Account at Bravenet

First of all pop along to a website called Bravenet at and sign up for a new free account. As you will see they offer a whole load of powerful free tools which you can use for a number of different marketing strategies.

2) Create a Web Form

Once you have created your Bravenet website go to the Easy Form Builder option. An example of this tool can be found at Here you can build a form that allows a visitor to request a promotional DVD from you by inputting their personal details such as their postal address directly into your Bravenet website. These will then be sent to you in an email.

As soon as you recieve a request for a DVD simply whip one off to them with a small covering letter explaining what a terrific business this is and how they can get involved. Don’t make it too long for once again we are looking to the DVD itself to do the converting.

Now to your offline promotion. All you have to do is to create small ads which include your Bravenet web address. (TIP: If you find it too long then use a TinyURL to truncate or hide it at ) Your prospects will then go to your Bravenet Form where they can order further information about the busines.

This method of marketing has many advantages but really comes into its own if you happen to be an affiliate that is uncomfortable with the idea of speaking directly to new prospects on the telephone.

And finally

Bravenet offers a whole world of marketing opportunities on the cheap. One of the most powerful ones is the Traffic Exchange option where you can actually get your webpage shown to other surfers for free. Simply add some e-lottery promotion copy that is available elsewhere in this blog and hey presto you have your own click generating machine.

For more information on E-lottery and VWD

About the Author

William Goldhill is the rather eccentric webmaster of Gambling Systems (UK). To find out quite how unhinged he is pick up a copy of his worst-selling free ebook ‘The Great Wheel … and How to Get off it’ from the ebooks section of his website

Promoting Your e-lottery

Visit: VWD Elottery Website

Many affiliates will find the prospect of trying to develop their e-lottery business online a daunting prospect. This is understandable for whilst the web offers infinite possibilities to develop a downline the challenge is to know just where or how to start.

Now, I’m not here to tell you how to go about it – there are much better articles within this blog on the subject. Instead I want to show you a very effective form of marketing offline that will bring you quick results. All you need is access to the internet and a little imagination.

Your DVD as a Promotion Tool

Among the various promotional items that you find in your e-lottery affiliate site is a promotional DVD. This is available to buy direct from VWD. The link is found under the Marketing Shop banner once you log into your affiliate site.

The DVD itself consists of a number of short promotional vidoes that can easily convert interested prospects. They present the e-lottery opportunities both as a potential player and affiliate.

You obviously will want to try and get a copy of the DVD out to as many clients as possible. To achieve this you could place a number of small adverts in various locations. Typically these could include supermarkets classified ads boards, newsagents shop windows, local newspapers etc. The possibilities are endless!

The adverts themselves could simply state that you are offering a business opportunity. There may be instances where you do not want to reveal the real nature of the e-lottery business straight away. I always follow this prinicple when marketing offline for it avoids any prejudices that prospects might initially have towards the nature of the business. I simply recommend that you get the DVD into a prospects hands and let the videos do the marketing for you!

Covering Your Tracks

Now to the nitty gritty of this article. Lets imagine that you now have your affiliate program from e-lottery, some e-lottery DVDs and are ready to start promoting your business.

Step One The Basics

Step One – The Basics – Get to know your VWD Website

Visit VWD E-Lottery

Your website is your 24/7 Business Partner which offers you a gold mine of information and support and all for just £4.99! As with any business venture you would need to get to know your partner and understand the market and its potential, and e-lottery is no different. As you move through the site you will find help along the way in the form of this icon: simply click on the icon and a help page will appear to help you navigate the page and in some cases you will also be able to access a short movie to further support your navigation.

  1. Personalise your website

Your first job is to prepare your Business partner by personalising your website *

Log into your website using the address and password provided in your welcome letter. Go to My Details and follow these instruction to change your web address (URL) to a more memorable address



Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do it:

Go to your website and Login.

Once you are inside, click on Member Details

Scroll Down to Guest Page Settings

Click on the blue link that says Change Guest Login

You will see *My Guest Login Is:

Below that you will see a white box with your ID number in it

Delete the number and enter, your choice of name

Click on Submit and it will be done

Log out and type your NEW chosen address into your browser and your site will appear.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your original link using your membership number will continue to work. However, should you successfully change your link and subsequently change it again the previous link WILL NO LONGER WORK. Therefore, any advertising or emails that have been sent WILL NO LONGER POINT TO YOUR WEBSITE. To be on the safe side, only change it once.

* NOTE when the training movie is available we can remove the instructions above and replace with the following text: *and then watch the first of many movies that you will find on your site. This movie will explain how you can change your web address and password, personalise your welcome message, change Credit Card details, and much more.)

  1. The Movies – watch the 2 movies again so you understand the content, as you will want to use these to help promote your business.

E-Lottery Affiliate Movie

Player Movie

When you direct people to your website they will be able to watch these movies, or if you prefer you can attach a direct link to the movies in a personal email. To do this go to the tools section and scroll down until you find the link for the movies. Simply copy the link and paste it into an email.

  1. Understand the Syndicate advantage system. To help you fully understand how the E lottery advantage works go back to your guest page and click The Advantage tab. There you will find a full explanation of both lotteries with a dynamic demonstration on the multi win system. To see the UK Lotto demonstration click here and to see the Euro Millions demonstration click here

Elottery – By VWD – Virtual World Direct Review

Visit: Virtual World Direct – ELottery

It costs just £4.99 to become an affiliate. You can choose to play in the National Lotto, Euromillions or both. To play in the National Lotto or Euromillions costs just £5 per week each. It is possible to get started for as little as £9.99 and this includes a 14-day , no quibble money back guarantee.

For this you get all the tools to build a global business from anywhere in the world right from the comfort of your own home. These include a stunning, state of the art, personalised web site complete with back office, genealogy, prospector, promotional tools, teleconferences, conferences, web casts. To get some idea of the features visit VWD

You also benefit from extensive support from both the company and a highly successful and experienced team of networkers. And, not to forget, of course – membership of syndicates that significantly improve your chances of winning on the lottery plus extra free syndicates when you introduce 15, 30, 45 players.

By playing as part of a syndicate, players dramatically increase their chances of winning the UK Lotto by 702% and 3600% in Euromillions. Lottery tickets are bought by millions of people every day – but VWD are able to offer it better, cheaper or even for free!

Once you have introduced five players / affiliates you are ‘playing for free’. After that anyone introduced begins to earn you a residual income. You earn 20% on each member you introduce and 5% on the membership that each of the people you introduce add.

VWD offers simple and effective tools to introduce new players. Using powerful incentives such as ‘Grab a Grand’ VWD provides affiliates with tools to use the power of viral marketing to introduce the opportunity to others

After the weather and football, the lottery has to be one of the most talked about subjects in the UK!!

How many people do you know who play the lottery? How many of those people do you think would like to play for free?

I, like many others, dislike the idea of ’selling’. With VWD it’s possible to build a business by simply asking people – friends, family, work collaegues etc if they would like to enter a free competition to win up to £1000 or the chance to win a Mercedes CLK. If they enter they are automatically added to the web sites prospector and the company send out 7 professionaly written emails to the person. Affiliates simply give details of their website to interested parties or hand them a DVD and let the movies do the selling.

When I was introduced to elottery I was already involved in another network marketing company. I was not interested at first as I wanted to remain focused on the network marketing business I was in. However, I decided to join mainly because I was already spending £8 per week playing the lottery. I have been doing that since it began and have won very little. I liked the idea of increasing my chances of winning and playing in the Euromillions too! I soon introduced 5 people and was playing for free. That’s all I intended to do and concentrated on my other venture.

However, in the meantime – those original people I introduced began to introduce others and so my business and income started to grow by itself. I could then see the potential and decided to give VWD and the E-Lottery the attention it deserved.I am now growing a successful business, enjoying the fun of receiving regular wins from the syndicates I play and receiving a growing monthly cheque!!

That £4.99 is just the best £4.99 I have ever spent!


1) no product / money to handle / stock to hold

2) no targets to meet!

3) an in demand product that people already buy

4) a global market

5) a first class, professional company providing excellent support, training and materials

6) all the tools you need to promote your business

7) superb upline support from highly successful and experienced networkers

8) other products being added to the portfolio to increase revenue

In my experience VWD has all the factors necessary for success in network marketing. However, like any other opportunity – you do you have to ‘make it work’ to make it work for you.

Whether you just want to increase your chances of winning on the lottery, playing the UK Lotto and Euromillions for free or earning a residual income (as small as large as you like) VWD has something for you. It’s a super, simple fun business opportunity

For More Information onE-Lottery by VWD